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The underlying story of Lord of The Flies takes us on an amazing exploration of the dark side of human life. The story begins when plane carrying a group of British boys shot down over the pacific which ends them being stranded on an inhibited island. Whether you are reading the hard copy of the novel or reading the online version of the Lord of The Flies PDF, there is a great amount of underlying story which the author is trying to pass out the world using these boys who are stranded on the island with no adult around them.


Lord of the flies pdf

The amazing Nobel price winner William Golding presents his story of these boys throughout the novel describing how savagery erupts in the little minds who were having a civilized lifestyle. While having such normal lifestyle back home, with the tragic situation of being the only survivors of the plane crash, their lives take a complete twist that make them cross the borders as human being that belongs to the civilized world. lord of the flies Summary could be downloaded here !


At the beginning of the novel Lord of The Flies, the boys try to form a community with a leader which was quite similar to any community that exist in the world. While they elected Jack as the leader of the gang who is one of the oldest, a conch shell he found was used as the machine which helped all the boys to get together when ever discussions were needed. While going through my copy of Lord Of The Flies PDF it struck me that the real world challenges were quite bravely described by the author by showcasing how another boy named “ Jack” was striving to get the leader of the gang by influencing the rest of the team. This could be a quite a common scenario in the real world where people strive for power and and that power struggle leads to distortions of the man kind and planet. I believe there was more focus given on the power struggle of the man kind as this story seems to take place during the world war. While boys around the age of six were called the “littleuns” group, who were at the age of ten to twelve were called” biguns”

lord of the flies pdf download


While the boys of Lord of The Flies ( LOFT ), decided to set fire at a point in the island to make sure that they would be noticeable to the ships which pass by, Peggy who is an asthmatic boy with spectacles makes use of his spectacles to start a fire. This is an example of the intelligence level which is stored in the man kind which comes out right when its needed for survival. Peggy was pretty much showcasing the survival tools which are built in the system of a human body.


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When I had downloaded the Lord of the Flies pdf  full text and summary, and going through the parts where boys started hunting down Pigs it was more of a reminder of the hunting times where the world had not gone through civilization. While living in the island all by themselves, the boys then face the issue of a so called beast which was living in the island. The fear of a mythical beast created unrest among the crowd who had no adult supervision during they entire stay at the island.



The Lord of the flies comes into a sheer sadness when boys beat up Simon to death when they perceived him at the beat one night while they were at a tribal fire. He was a weak character of the group who spent most of the time by himself, away from the gang. Few hours before he was beaten to death by his own gang, he was hallucinating with the whole idea of the beast. He was understood that there was no such thing or an animal as a beast but it was a mere psyche which was hidden in each boys’ head.


While the story of Lord of the flies ( LOFT ) run through a series of difficulties they have to face during their struggle of survival at the island, Jack who is characterized as the untamed boy steals Piggy’s glasses. As he found the way to create fire using his glasses, Jack tries to take the advantage of having it for himself. At this point Ralph and the team come searching for the glasses and one of Jack’s hunters releases a rock on Piggy which killed him. Then next the aim for Jack was to find and kill Ralph who managed to get away when the other members of his team was captured. Right before Ralph was caught by these savaged boys, a British naval officer from a ship which was passing by comes to his rescue. As the officer has seeing the forest fire which the boys set while on the mission for Ralph itself helped the officer to find Ralph. While not understanding the situation of savaged boys, the officer assumes that the boys were only playing a game with each other. However, before the boys were ready to leave the island to reach their homes, Ralph weeps for the death of poor Piggy which was definitely the end of boy’s innocence. In my opinion, the author of the Lord of the Flies has done a great job in bringing out the savagery behavior of mankind which is hidden but yet can be presented at any moment. Human violence, nature of greed for power and leadership is also clearly brought out using these little boys who were probably at the age of playing with toys and going through education back home. Different approaches to maintaining and ruling a community is also well described by using the interesting characters of Jack and Ralph.


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In this day and age, we really don’t need to go run to book stores to find the books we would love to read as online PDF versions are freely available. Download Lord of the flies PDF on your mac book, android or on your favorite apple storage Kindle so that you can read the book anytime you want any where. Whether you are a teacher or a student, it is vital for both to have this online version when understanding this fascinating story of the boys who describe the angles and demons of the real society.


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